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The Zeiss Historica Society

Here for your information are a series of interesting web sites for scientific and photographic enthusiasts. Click on the name to connect to the web page.

Something Zeiss to say - A fabulous Zeiss Ikon web site presented by Zeiss Historica member and Camera Shopper author, Greg Bedore

ACR Books/Camerabooks - The website developed by Petra Kellers and Ken Morton. This the leading bookseller in the US supporting photographic history and collectable materials

Contax User Forum and Contax Photo Gallery for SLR, G, T & TVS - A forum for modern Contax users

Vision Advantage - The sole distributor in the US for Carl Zeiss magnifiers, telescopic ophthalmic lenses and other low vision devices

Photodeal - A German Photographic Historic magazine's web page

Nikon Historica Society - The web page of the Nikon collecting society

Camera Quest - A very interesting web site for a Photographic dealer with lots of history

Leica Historica Society - The web page of the Leica collecting society

Photo Historical Society of Canada - Canadian Photographic collecting society web page

Chicago Photographic Collectors Society - The web page for the Chicago Society

George Eastman House - A very interesting page for the museum in Rochester, NY.

Arsmachina - A very picturesque and informative web page of a scientific instrument dealer.

British Army Museum - Interesting collection of military optics.

British Science Museum - Wide collection of scientific instruments

The Hayden Planetarium - NYC - Home of the Rose Space Museum and Zeiss Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium - Chicago - Home of the first Zeiss Planetarium in the US.

The Griffith Observatory - LA - Home of a large Zeiss telescope and Planetarium

The German Technology Museum - Berlin - Excellent Scientific site

The German Maritime Museum - Excellent examples of Zeiss optics for navigation

The German National Museum - Excellent scientific, photographic museum and home of the first planetarium

The Optical Museum - Jena - Wonderful museum lot of early Zeiss products - very small web site

History of the Planetarium - excellent text on the history of all planetariums

Carl Zeiss (Germany) - Web site of current Zeiss firm - This link is in English (if you wish, you may also view it in German

Carl Zeiss, Inc. - USA - Web site of Zeiss US subsidiary


Our site is comprised of the following pages. Click on the name of each area to go to that page:

1. An overview of historical Zeiss Companies and a list of their collectibles
2. Our Zeiss Historica Publications
3. A sample article - The Contax camera's migration to Kiev, Ukraine
4. A second sample article - An unusual Contax I
5. An index to all of our published articles
6. Links to other interesting web sites related to Zeiss and photography
7. Membership Information
8. Famous Zeiss Designers and Personalities

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