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Zeiss Historica Article Index

The following is a topical index of all the articles that have appeared in the Zeiss Historica Journal since the Society was formed. To move to a particular letter in the index (such as C for Contax), click on the letter (C)below:

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Subject of Article Author Issue
Abbe: A Rare Glimpse (History) Editor S 1992
Ernst Abbe and the (Zeiss) Foundation (History) Takeda, S. F 1988
In the House that Abring Built (History) Husid, M. F 1992
Advertisements from the 1930's (Cameras) Baca, J. F 2000
A Zeiss Album from the Thirties (History) Brown, J. S 1983
"Anonymous" Zeiss Ikon Cameras Gubas, L. F 1998
Restoring an ANSALVENLO Telescope Gould, J S 1987
The Astro Department (Telescopes) Gubas, L. F 1998
The Astronomical Department's First Catalog - 1899 Grossman, N. F 1990
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Ikon Baby Cameras Brown, J. S 1998
Zeiss Ikon Barometer from Goerz Gubas, L. F 2000
Walter Bauersfeld (Biography) Gubas, L. F 2000
Zeiss Bausch & Lomb Binoculars (History) Neupert, P. F 1987
Zeiss Ikon's Photo Bedarf (Accessories) Gubas, L. F 1996
Bestellnummern Revisited (Cameras) Gubas, L. S 1987
Battling Binoculars Reid, W. F. 1995
Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars Zartarian, E. F 1983
Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars of World War II Zartarian, E. F 1983
More on Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars Zartarian, E. F 1990
Turn-Of-The-Century Zeiss Binoculars in England Gould, J. S 1998
A Short History of Zeiss Binoculars Gubas, L. F 1991
More on Zeiss Binoculars Gubas, L.. S 1990
Zeiss Binoculars London Debut Watson, F. F 1999
A New Zeiss Binocular Gubas, L. S 1993
Postwar Handheld Binoculars from Jena Grossman, N. S 1993
100 Years of Carl Zeiss Binoculars Zeiss Reprint F 1986
More Zeiss Books - Reviews Gubas, L. F 1984
Book Review - "If Only I Had My Camera" - 1939 Sheehy, T. S S 1983
By Any Other Name (Cameras) Zubatkin, M.

F 1984


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Subject of Article Author Issue
The original Contax focal-plane shutter Hennig, P S 2002
The Black Contax II Is Not a Myth Baumgartner, S. F 1991
An unusual Contax I Baumgartner, S F 2001
Other Dummy Contax I's Barringer, C. F 2001
A Black Contax II Mahler, D F 1999
From Draft to Model: The first steps toward the Contax S Schulz, A S 2002
California Museum of Photography (Cameras) Gubas, L.. F 1983
The Zeiss Cartel Grossman, N. S 1999
Zeiss Ikon Catalog Numbers (Cameras) Zubatkin, M. S 1982
Zeiss Ikon Camera Catalogs Gubas, L. F 1984
150 Years of Carl Zeiss (History) Editor F 1996
Charivari (Interesting and little known camera tidbits) Brown, J. F 2000
Christie's Catalog Surprises (Cameras) - Prototypes Gubas, L. S 1997
Zeiss Codewords (Telescopes) Grossman, N S 1982
Cold Weather Symbols - More Evidence (Binoculars) Husid, M. S 1992
A Contaflex Prototype Kuc, H.J. S 1983
Two Compurs for the Contaflex I Bisschops, J. F 1986
More on the Contaflex I Takeda, S. S. 1989
The Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR Kibbey, M.. S 1981
Identifying Contaflex I Variations Edstrom, P. F 1987
Another Contaflex Curiosity Small, M. J. S 1995
The Contaflex and the Teleskop (Cameras) Brown, J F 1997
Contamatic? - Bessamatic? (Cameras) Kuc/Barringer F 1987
The early Contax SLR Contax of 1949 Schulz, A. F 2001
Contarex Prototypes Otto, B S 2002
Contarex and Contax RTS, Comparing the Lenses Kämmerer, J S 1992
Contax CGCM Camera Grossman, N.. S 1997
Contax Chronicle Kuc, H. J. S 1982
Contax Military Cameras Pins, R. S 1984
Some Contax Notes Kuc, H. J F 1986
Contax SLR Cameras Kuc, H. J F 1982
Zeiss Ikon Stereo Equipment for the Contax Pilecki, G. F 1981
Review: On the Trail of the Contax, Vol. II - H.J. Kuc Gubas, L.. F 1997
Contax Curiosities Schaub, S. S 1985
Another Contax Identification Method Gubas, L. F 1985
Contax - Clovermeter and Knurling Questions Barringer, C. S 1996
Identifying the Contax I Kuc, H. J. S 1993
Comparing Prewar Leica and Contax Part 1 & 2 Helm, Dr. R. S/F 1988
More on the Great Contax Mystery Sherman, S. F 1990
Pitfalls in Contax Collecting Fearn, R. F 1991
Contax T - Up to Date in Camera City Grossman, N. S 1994
A Contax -Dedicated Exposure Meter Zubatkin, M S 1994
The Black Contax II Is Not a Myth Baumgartner,S F 1991
An unusual Contax I Baumgartner,S F 2001
Other Dummy Contax I's Barringer, C. F 2001
A Black Contax II Mahler, D F 1999
Contax - The Birth of the Name Jüttner, K. S 1994
In Search of the Contax IV Wehran, W. F 1999
Henry Ford II's Contax III Kuc, H. J. S 1998
Contax G-1: Return of the Rangefinder Stone, W. F 1994
Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part I) Barringer, C. F 1996
Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part II) Barringer, C. S 1997
Contax Prototype Viewfinder Arnz, J. F 2001
Postwar Contax Viewfinders Barringer, C. S 1997
The Jena Contax: Brief History and Spotters Guide Barringer, C. S 1999
Lens Curiosities from Jena (Cameras) Kuc, H. J F 1987
Two Carl Zeiss Departments (Measuring Instruments) Grossman, N. S 1987
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Diesel Model Airplane Engines from Zeiss Jena Arnz, J S 1993
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Heinrich Valentin Erfle (Biography) Gubas, L. S 2000
The Ergo (Cameras) Gubas, L S 1998
Ernemann's advertising stamps Goellner, P F 2001
Heinrich Ernemann (Biography) Gubas, L. F 2001
Zeiss Ikon Prewar Exposure Meters Gubas, L. F 1981
Zeiss on Everest (Cameras) Small, M. J. F 1993
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Fernrohrlupen Kelly, J S 2002
Zeiss Ikon Film Sizes Kibbey, M.. S 1981
Zeiss Photographic Firsts (Cameras) Gubas, L. F 1986
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Galilean Field Glasses Grossman, N. F 1985
Giant Contax in Philadelphia Barringer, C. S 1985
Dr. Erhardt Glatzel (Biography) Gubas, L. F 1998
Carl Paul Goerz (1854-1923) (Biography) Gubas, L. S 2001
Emanuel Goldberg ((Biography) Gubas, L. S 1985
Grind Another Ground Glass (Cameras) Keesing, J. F 1996
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Revisiting Hensoldt (Binoculars) Grossman, N.. S 1993
Hensoldt in Wetzlar (History) Gubas, L. F 1997
Hensoldt 7x56 Military Binoculars Paca, F. F 1999
Hensoldt, but not Hensoldt (Cameras) Gubas, L.. S 2001
Filling the Gaps in Zeiss History Sherman, S. F 1991
Zeiss in Hungary (History) Grossman, N. S 1990
Hymn to a Small Camera Christen, H. S 1997
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Camera Identification Systems Grossman, N. S 1981
Ikoflex Cameras Gubas, L. S 1983
Ikoflex III Gubas, L. S 1998
The Icarette-Ikonta Connection (Cameras) Brown, J. F 1989
Ivory Tinted Contax Barringer, J. S 1987
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Wolfgang F Jacobi - Zeiss Ikon Designer(History) Herrman, M F 1998
The Bombing of Jena (History) Husid, M. S 1991
The Seven Wonders of Jena - a Pictorial (History) Husid, M S 1994
Adding to the Wonders of Jena - Zeiss Planetaria Brown, J. S 1994
Jena's Optical Museum Beez, Dr. H. S 1982
Jena At Last (History) Gubas, L. F 1997
The Jenaflex AM-1 and the Jenaflex AC-1 (Cameras) Hennig, P. F 2000
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Kiev Cameras Kuc, H. J. F 1991
The No-Name Kiev (Contax) Hennig, P. F 2001
After Dresden: The Contax migration to Jena & Kiev (cameras) Gubas, L. S 2001
Kolibri 1930-1932 (Cameras) Gubas, L. S 1982
Heinz Küppenbender (Biography) Gubas, L. S 2000
Heinz Küppenbender's role in Contax history Berthel, F. F 2000
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Subject of Article Author Issue
A New Concept: The L-Stand (Microscopes) Gellis, C.. S 1991
Zeiss Ikon Small Lab Instruments (Measuring Instr.) Stone, W. F 1987
The Lehrlings - Apprentices (History) Nerwin, H. Folio 1
The Development if Lens Coating (History) Bisschops, J. F 1989
A Century of Carl Zeiss Camera Lenses Zeiss Reprint S 1990
Some Zeiss Filters and Locks Gubas, L. F 2001
Carl Zeiss Jena Photographic Lens Production Figures Gubas, L.. S 1999
(Zeiss Ikon) Logo - Designs as Historical Evidence Gubas, L. F 1996
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Mechanical Measuring Instruments Grossman/Able. F 1998
Zeiss Medical Instruments Trevelyan, C. F 1998
Zeiss Ikon's Last Hand Held Meters (Cameras) Gubas, L. F 1995
Meyer Megoflex (Cameras) Ghisetti, P F 1997
Dr. Kurt Michel (Biography) Gubas, L. F 1998
An Optical Gear Tooth Micrometer Grossman, N. S 1997
A Brief History of the Microscope Pfeiffer, Dr. W. F 1985
Early Zeiss Microscopes Gubas, L. S 1999
Carl Zeiss Microscope Catalogs Grossman, N. F 1984
Hensoldt's Baby Microscopes Gellis, C. F 1983
Basic Guide to Vintage Zeiss Microscopes Walker, R. S 1981
Unusual Zeiss Microscope Objectives Grossman, N. S 1985
The Four Horsemen of Microscopy Smith, Dr. R S 1988
Zeiss Microscope Adorns Bank Note Kuc, H. J. F 1993
The Early Postwar Development of Zeiss Microscopes Gellis, C. S 1997
Book Review-German Military Optics Seeger, H. Gubas, L. F 1987
New Shutter & Tapes for a Zeiss Miroflex Paca, F. F1990
Möller and Zeiss Compact Binoculars Kelly, J. S 1999
A Multipurpose Monocular Brown, J. S 1995
The Movikon 16 System (Cameras) Barringer, C Barringer, C S 1998
The Oberkochen Optical Museum (History) Pfeiffer, Dr. W. S 1983
Zeiss Rollei-Mutars (Cameras) Sheehy, T. F 1991
Zeiss Leica Mystery Lens Sherman, S. S 1990
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Ikon and Dr. August Nagel (History) Gubas, L. S 1984
The Zeiss Neophot (Microscopes) Danner, W. F 1981
1980 Talk by Hubert Nerwin (Cameras) Scheid/Grossman S 1981
A Nettar B (Cameras) Zubatkin, M. S 1986
Tracking the Nettar 516 (Cameras) Sundberg/Ghisetti F 1996
Further Nettar Nattering (Cameras) Brown, J. S 1997
Zeiss Ikon New Beginnings in Stuttgart (History) Kuc, H. J S 1998
New Publications-History of Contax '32-'62 & Spiegel-Contax Gubas, L. S 2001
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Subject of Article Author Issue
A Visit to Oberkochen (History) Kibbey, M. . Folio 2
The Oberkochen Optical Museum Gubas, L. F 1998
German Optical Codes (Military Optics) Grossman, N. S 1982
New Light on German Optical Codes (Military Optics) Grossman, N. F 1983
W.W.II German Manufacturers Optical Codes Grossman, N. F 1990
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Pencils and Pipes are not always what they appear Nerwin, H. Folio 2
Zeiss Planetaria Gubas, L.. S 1983
A Cosmic View From Earth - Zeiss Planetaria Husid, M. F 1983
Carl Zeiss Lenses for Exacta & Praktica Cameras Kuettner, R. F 2001
Polygons, Arcs & Ikons (Camera Design) Brown, J. S 1998
Zeiss Precision Gauge Blocks Grossman, N. S 1996
Preserve or Restore (All Collectibles) Grossman, N. S 1991
Pre-Zeiss Ikon Camera Design Gubas, L... S 2000
Prototype Lenses for Contax, Contaflex & Contarex Kämmerer, J. S 2001
Punktal Lenses (Eyeglasses) Pfeiffer, Dr. W. S 1993
Prime Quality Symbol 1Q (Binoculars) Grossman, N. S 1988
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Subject of Article Author Issue
More on Quality Symbols (Telescopes) Stone, W.. F 1989
Quartermaster Forward This Instrument to Jena (Binoculars) Ringler, W. Folio1
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Rangefinders for the Czar's Army Grossman, N. F 1984
The ISO Reporter (Hensoldt) Ghisetti, P. F 2001
Zeiss Four Meter Stereo Rangefinder Grossman, N. S 1987
Zeiss Magnars (for Rollei TLRs) Sheehy, T. F 1992
More on Zeiss Tele Lenses for Rollei TLRs (Cameras) Pins, R. S 1993
Paul Rudolph Gubas, L. F 2000
Paul Rudolph's Photographic Lenses Gubas, L. F 1983
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss Ikon Safelight (Cameras) Morton, L S 1997
Hans Sauer (Biography) Gubas, L S 2002
Otto Schott (History/Biography) Schreiner, T. F 1981
Zeiss Ikon Serial Numbers 1926 to 1939 (Cameras) Worsley, S. F 1993
Siegfried Kessler's Journey (History) Grossman, N. S 1993
Alexandar Smakula (Biography) Gubas, L. F 1999
The Olympia Sonnar (Cameras) Barringer, C. S 1989
Zeiss Ikon's Statistical Machine Buckland, Dr. M S 1995
Postwar Carl Zeiss Stereo Device (Cameras) Ghisetti, P. S 1998
A Zeiss/B&L Stereo Microscope Matthies, F. Matthies, F. F 1989
Dr. Rudolph Straubel (Biography) Gubas, L. S 1999
Kodak Zeiss Ikon and Camera Style Brown, J. S 1986
Zeiss Super Ikonta B B Brown/Baca. F 1999
Disassembly of the Super Nettel I (Cameras) Alvarado, S. F 1992
The Super Ikontas (Cameras) Gubas, L. F 1982
Early Zeiss Surveying Instruments Grossman, N. F 1984
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Subject of Article Author Issue
The Tenax I and its Successors (Cameras) Gubas, L.. F 1983
The Tenax X-Ray Camera Gubas, L. F 1999
New Work for an Old Tenax (Cameras) Kibbey, M... S 1993
A Military Mast Telescope Grossman, N. F 1989
Large Zeiss Observatory Telescopes in the U.S. Grossman, N.. S 1981
A Carl Zeiss Telescope Grossman, N. F 1982
A 60mm Zeiss Telescope Gorgon, R. F 1988
Zeiss Telescope at Augustana College Grossman, N. F 1990
Zeiss Telescope Production in Jena Grossman, N. S 1989
Zeiss Telescopes - Bergedorf's Hamburger Sternwarte Husid, M. F 1994
A Zeiss Folding Stereo Telescope Surmont, A. F 1995
A Walking-stick Telescope Numano, A. S 1999
Zeiss Ikon and Television: Fernseh AG Buckland, Dr.M F 1995
Zeiss Tele Tessar 30 cm f/8 Ghisetti, P S 2002
In the Footsteps of the Zeiss Theodolite D Grossman, N. F 1996
Tiny Trademarks (Cameras) Barringer, C. S 1995
The Topogon Wide-angle (Cameras) F 1990 Arnz, J. F 1990
The Topogon - A Footnote (Cameras) Barringer, C. S 1991
The Topogon Story Episode Three (Cameras) Arnz, J. S 1996
Keeping the Tradition (Telescopes) Grossman, N. S 1989
Turmon Monoculars Brown, J. F 1989
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Subject of Article Author Issue
A Voice from 1937, (Camera/Photographic Retrospective) Anonymous. F 2000
Moritz Von Rohr (History) Gubas, L. F 1999
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Ernst Wandersleb (Biography) Gubas, L. S 1999
Wica & Unica: Experimental Cameras from Jena Arnz, J. F 1992
Werra: Ingenuity Behind the Iron Curtain (Cameras) Nannichi, Y F 1992
Reminiscences of Zeiss Ikon with Wolf Wehran (History) Kuc, H. J. S 1999
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Subject of Article Author Issue
Zeiss and the Teleater (Binoculars) Kelley, J. F 1998
A Hybrid Zeiss/Ross Lens (Cameras) Morton, L. F 1999
Zeiss & Ross, London & Mill Hill (Binoculars) Reid, W. S 2001
Zeiss Abroad (History) Grossman, N. S 1984
The Birth of Zeiss Ikon (History) Gubas, L. . S 1984
Prewar Zeiss Ikon 35mm (Cameras) Gubas, L. S 1988
Zeiss Memoirs (History) Herzberger, M. Folio 1
Zeiss Universarium (Planetarium) Gubas, L. F 2000
Zeiss - The Postwar Years (History) Gubas, L.. F 1984
Products from Zeiss Vienna (Binoculars) Grossman, N. F 1985
A 1963 Visit to Zeiss Ikon in Stuttgart (History) Gubas, L. S 1986
Zeiss by Mail (History) Gellis/Grossman F 1988
Zeiss Ikon's First Postwar Camera Family - Ikonta/Contina Gubas, L. S 1991
Zeiss Ikon Trademarks (History) Gubas, L. S 1998
Something Zeiss to Say (Cameras) Bedore, G. S 1991
Zeiss Ikon at the Fleetwood (Cameras) Helmke, G. S 1994
Zeiss Ikon: The Golden Age Part 1 Gubas, L. F 1994
Zeiss Ikon: The Golden Age Part 2 Gubas, L. S 1995
Zeiss Ikon, Roots & Origins (History) Brown, J. F 2000
Zeiss Serial Number Sequence (Binoculars) Kelly, J. S 2000
All Zeiss Ikon All the Time! (Cameras) Gubas, L.. F 1998
Some Unusual Zeiss-Ikon Cameras Gubas, L. S 2000
Zeiss Ikon's Zeitlupe (High Speed Cine Camera) Gubas, L. S 1996

Harry Zöllner (Biography)

Gubas, L.

S 2002

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